• St. Andrew's Church, Sudbury
    With the Love of God, we Welcome, and seek to Serve
    those who question, search, worship, or doubt;
    that we will all Grow in the faith of Jesus Christ
    'An inclusive C-of-E church for all who seek God in any way'
    Sunday Service at 10 am with children's groups and free refreshments afterwards.
    Baptisms, weddings. bereavememt and pastoral care.
    Toddler/youth clubs, study/social groups and special events.


  • Food Bank and Route 18

    Donations of non-perishable food are for the Brent Food Bank and of useful toiletries, sleeping bags, towels etc for the Route 18 Night Shelter


    Please note that until further notice the Sunday 8.00 am service will now be at 8.30 am.

    Thanking all those who brought in their Children’s Society boxes recently.

    We raised nearly £350 for the work of the Society




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